About us

We know how happiness is a serious business. Trust us, we’re 165 years young and we’ve seen true happiness in every form. By crafting garments that allow our customers to enjoy life, to creating comfortable experiences, Fruit of the Loom thrives off energy, fun and vibrancy!

So, how did our journey begin? Well, for once, we didn’t have any cars. No, really! Back in 1851, the car wasn’t even invented, and neither was the telephone or light bulb. It was in that era when brothers Robert and Benjamin Knight bought their first textile and cotton mill in town and registered it as Fruit of the Loom® of Warwick, Rhode Island.

Fast-forward to today, their foundation extends to 44 nations and is one of the pioneers and largest brands of underwear. We can proudly say that our longevity is directly related to our eye for style, quality, comfort and value for money.

Our Indian Odyssey - While we’re headquartered in the USA, Rupa & Company Limited acquired the license to distribute and market our products in India. Since 2017, we’ve stuck true to our nation’s heritage of being timeless, authentic while retaining the unmistakable quality that Fruit of the Loom is known for.

We’re committed 100% in the journey to provide the same level of style, comfort and style to our customers while bridging the gap between affordable and luxury innerwear.

In short, we are the can-do magicians, with a promise to provide you pleasantly surprising value with high-quality fabric that incorporates iconic designs and amazing prices. With positivity, conviction and perpetual improvement as our brand values, we aim to be known for also being equally playful and confident in everything we do!